The Tib Bar™ - Adapter Sleeve


The perfect solution if you are wanting to add an Adapter Sleeve on to your Tib Bar™. If you have previously purchased a Tib Bar™ that does not include this feature and you wish to add it to your set up, this product is for you!

We offer two Adapter Sleeve options:

- Olympic Adapter (2 inch)

- Competition Adapter (50mm)

The Olympic Adapter is for 2 inch olympic sized weight plates. 

The Competition Adapter (50mm) is for calibrated competition sized plates. Please note this option is the most suitable for Rogue weight plates. 

Both options are made from stainless steel. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Tib Bar includes an Olympic Adapter Sleeve as standard, so you do not need to purchase this item in addition to the Tib Bar™. 

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