The Nordic Bar™


We are very proud to present one of our best selling innovations - the Nordic Bar

Designed and built by The Home Gym Guys™, The Nordic Bar is the solution you have been searching for. 

The Nordic Bar is used for nordic hamstring curls and holds the ankles in place while kneeling on the ground (or a padded bench for comfort) and leaning forward from the knee to extend the hamstring muscles. 

THE NEW AND IMPROVED NORDIC BAR - we have developed our product in comfort, function and style and the latest upgrade includes:

  • bigger grip surface to improve stability and attach to larger posts 
  • nylon clamp pad added to fixing bar to avoid any marks being left on your attachment post
  • cushions for ankle comfort
  • laser cute HGG branding 

The adjustable Nordic Bar™ easily clips and fastens on to any frame, gym bar, post or immovable solid object measuring up to 82mm in width. The 48mm round pipe that holds the ankles in place gives a sturdy and reliable support on the achilles and lower leg. The Nordic Bar™ is made from Australian laser cut quality steel and has a matte black finish.

The Nordic Bar is easily portable, lightweight and very strong. It's ideal for use in home gyms, commercial gyms and can also be used for outdoor training sessions.

To learn more about this progressive and massively beneficial exercise, head to Ben Patrick's Instagram account @kneesovertoesguy

For more information about the Nordic Bar™, head to our FAQs page. 


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