Olympic Adapter Sleeve (for 2020 Tib Bar™ - discontinued model)

$39 AUD

The perfect solution if you are wanting to add a Sleeve on to your 2020 discontinued model of our Tib Bar™.

We have ONE Sleeve options for the Tib Bar, including:

- Olympic Adapter Sleeve which is for 50.8mm plates.

We recommend you check your weight plates' inner diameter/collar opening size as this will determine if the Olympic Adapter Sleeve is right for you. 

If you are unsure, please reach out to our support team here and they will be more than happy to help you. 

The Olympic Adapter Sleeve is made from stainless steel. 

PLEASE NOTE: This add-on DOES NOT fit the current 2021 Tib Bar™ model.

The Adapter Sleeve is only for our older 2020 model Tib Bar™ which has now been discontinued. 


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