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The Home Gym Guys™ The Tib Bar™

We are stoked to introduce our latest innovation - the Tib Bar™ - now available in 2 different Adapter options!

Designed and built by The Home Gym Guys™, the Tib Bar is a game changing missing link to strength and conditioning. The Tib Bar is used to strengthen the tibialis muscle and train with full range of motion. If you walk, run, sprint, jump or want to maintain longevity in your leg muscles for the rest of your life, then this piece of equipment is for you.

The Tib Bar™ is easily portable, lightweight and very strong. It is ideal for use in home gyms, commercial gyms and can also be used for outdoor training sessions. It is suitable for everyone and anyone, and can be used anywhere at anytime.  

The Tib Bar is made from laser cut quality steel and features as standard a stainless steel 2 inch (50.8mm) Olympic Adapter Sleeve. The Tib Bar™ also features an 8mm safety locking pin, our custom locking clamp to hold weights, a HGG customised rear collar, and cushioned ankle supports to ensure comfort. The Tib Bar™ has a matte black finish. 


We have two sleeve options for the Tib Bar, including:

- Olympic Adapter Sleeve which is for 2 inch, 50.8mm plates.

- Competition Adapter Sleeve which is for 50mm-50.6mm plates (please note this size is most suitable for Rogue, Verve, Alpha Fit Goliath & Elieko 'Olympic' plates).

Please ensure you select the right adapter sleeve for your brand of weight plates - if you are unsure, please reach out to our support team here


Ensure the weights are pushed up against the HGG customised rear collar and secured tightly with our custom locking clamp. Be seated with your upper legs and knees supported and feet / lower calf extended out. The Tib Bar then hooks easily onto the end of the feet and is used for a full ankle rotation curl upwards and back down. The adjustment holes throughout the bar allow weighted plates to be incorporated into the exercise, creating resistance and improving performance.

To learn more about this progressive and massively beneficial exercise, head to Ben Patrick's Instagram account @kneesovertoesguy

For more information about the Tib Bar™, head to our FAQs page. 


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The Home Gym Guys™ was founded in April 2020 by Mick Sears, when the world was in lockdown but in desperate need of high quality home gym equipment. "When the world stopped, we started."

Since then we have grown our business from one man working inside a double bay garage, to running a warehouse in Burleigh Heads with an epic team alongside us.

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